The Dream.

This is An exerpt from ‘The Tale’s of Ould Cirius.’
Innimrie is a haunted forest on top of the magical sea mountain known as Ould cirius

Leif is an Elf.

Bardo is a Habear who “…Were among the silliest and most interesting creatures in Ould Cirus. Covered in bluish gray hair with the form and stature of a man, they were often of the same noble character and wisdom of an elf or a man. They were ever the ally of good and were faithful in hard times.” (Something like a blue Wookie)

Jeter is a Nomie which is something “…Closely akin to a gnome though a bit taller and longer lived. They were generally a cheerful and helpful creature.”

Leif, Bardo, and Jeter huddled around a warm fire as the night deepened in Innimrie forest. At length their conversation trailed off into silence. Bardo, still mildly annoyed with Jeter’s fidgety quarks, had taken to picking his teeth and grooming some of the thick blue fir that covered his body. Little Jeter was fiddling with a giant bird mask he had purchased in a village a few days before. It had for some time been used as a bowel for the merchants corn nuts and had long proven to be quite the conversation piece. The merchant was reluctant to let it go but Jeter’s powers of persuasion prevailed (to the great disgust of Bardo).

The mask sat upon the shoulders and covered the whole neck and head as one piece. The wearer could only see out of the large glass eyes until they became fogged with breath. Jeter was small, even for a Nomie, and the mask stood half as tall as him. He had been working very hard to dislodge a solitary nut that had taken up residence in the inner fold of the mask and was about to puncture some ventilation holes in the top when he caught site of Leif staring though the fire into some distant memory. Leif’s eyes lifted to meet Jeter’s and held his steady gaze for a moment. This made Jeter, who was already fairly uneasy about being this deep in Innimrie forest after dark, very nervous.

“I had, on a time, a most peculiar dream while passing through this very wood.” Leif began. Bardo looked up and, realizing he was about to hear the telling of a dream, went back to what he was doing shifting only his ears to hear. “I have often wondered at its meaning.” continued Leif. “As I lay down to sleep that night the wood grew eerily silent and just as I was passing in to the realm of dreams I heard, as if all around me, some one whispering my name. I was suddenly aware that I was no longer laying but sitting in a comfortable armed chair with my head down at a wooden desk. I lifted my head and struggled to focus my blurred vision for it was as though I had just awoken and my head was still in a hazy spin. As the blur began to clear I saw before me a wall made of gray fabric trimmed with some kind of metal frame up to which the desk was pushed. Indeed it looked like fabric and to the touch it seemed fabric but the wall was squashy like a dried sponge. The desk bent to my left and continued along the adjacent wall. Walls were on either side of me as I face the first. so that I was enclosed before, to my left and to my right. For a moment it occurred to me that I might be a prisoner but I could see that the walls did not go to the ceiling.

To my right there was nothing save a picture and some writings in an unknown language pinned to the wall. Upon the desk before me I saw several rather foreign objects: A metal tray and beside that an odd looking box standing on it side with a few small holes and a glowing green light on the face. To the left of that I beheld a wonder. It was something like a mirror chiseled from stone. The face of it was flat and smooth as glass. It was mounted on a short stand to face me but it did not reflect my face. Instead it portrayed many strange images and words that I did not understand. Before this, upon the desk, was a rectangular structure with many many buttons. It was then that I noticed two things. One, my chair seemed to swivel and roll, and two, there was an opening in this cell to the left of all these strange contraptions on the desk.

I saw other desks all likewise arrayed inside similar cells. Suddenly a short man walked by seemingly heedless of my presence. Above me I saw the ceiling inlaid with tubes of liquid white light which seemed to be draining my life force from my very eyes. At this point I stood and as I did my head raised up just above the walls around me to see a vast maze of walls in every direction with strange people running around frantically. My attention then turned to a shelf which stood above the desk. I saw there different books and far to the right I saw something familiar to me and therefore more mysterious than all else. It was one of the crowned rabbit folk standing nobly clad in deep black fir bearing two tall and proud white antlers on his head.

The creature absorbed my focus as he stared me down unblinkingly. My mind began to race with questions. “Have you brought me here? Why? Is this your world I am in? What is the meaning of all these things?! What do you want with me?!” My heart was gripped with terror from confusion. My mouth gaping wide with wonder and my arms upraised for protection, I backed away with a shriek and fell into the chair! Suddenly one of the contraptions on the desk burst into a repetitive musical noise! All was consumed in white light!

Thus I awoke to the song of a morning bird. And coming to myself I could not discover the reason why I had traveled to the forest. To this day I do not know. I had a reason, I know. It seemed very important at the time but I cannot remember why.. That is why now I travel here always with a companion. Lest I forget my errand.” So he ended his story and Jeter, now staring at Leif through the un-fogged eyes of a giant bird mask, rolled back in his seat with some amazement and fear and replied in his small kiddish voice yet muffled by the mask,

“WOW! THAT IS SO WEIRD LEIF!!! don’t you think so Bardo??!” Bardo just looked at Jeter with subtle irritation, gave a disgusted puff and went back to his grooming…

3 thoughts on “The Dream.

  1. This story was engrossing. I feel like I have visited Innimrie before, that I somehow know each of these characters. Though I can’t quite picture anything you describe, it all comes together in a powerful message, which I think is more of a “mood of moral” rather than a blatant lesson. Thank you for posting this. You really should write more, because I say so.

  2. this is the corrected version. apparently some typos slipped by me. i hope my thousands of fans will forgive me. if anyone finds any more please email me and let me know. thanks

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