This One’s For Gera.

A while back I was driving with several friends in a very small cramped car on an early spring evening. My dear friend who was driving had cranked the heater up as high as it could go because she was, along with a couple of other girls in the car, “uncomfortably cool.” and this was fine, at first. but after about ten or fifteen minuets I was MISERABLE! so at the first quiet moment between conversations I took a deep breath and said.

“You know when your star cruiser gets caught in the suns gravitational pull and your life support system is fried because you’ve foolishly exhausted all you power on reverse thrusters and the dampening field has evaporated because it just cant handle the close range radiation, your hull is glowing white, your control panels are melting, your AI computer program is screaming like a scared little sissy girl, you high temp space suite is sticking to everything you touch, your every draw of breath is so hot it burns your lips, throat and lungs and all that stands between you and an ocean of burning liquid fire is a quickly dissolving piece of glass???!!! you know how that is? that’s kinda how I feel right now…

After an awkward second or so of silence and blank stares one of the girls asked
“what’s an AI?” And we all laughed- cause it was funny!

3 thoughts on “This One’s For Gera.

  1. i named this blog for my friend gera because he likes sci-fi. this story is mostly true. i did say essentialy that on a number of occasions when the girls i hung out with would have the heater in the car turned up to the max with thier big coats on and the windows rolled up – good lord eat some red meat, get that blood pressure up! i hate hot weather. gimme snow gimme sub zero spare me the tropic recreations. anyway you may not find it all that funny but they did. so i guess you had to be there.

  2. For some reason I see this happening minus the like word picture…. AI ahahahah stand for artificial intelligence comeon.

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