The Hood Samaritan.

One night Bill was on his way to an important business meeting. But he was car jacked by some local hoodlums at a stop light. So he went to go find a pay phone to call the police and his wife Jill so she could come get him. But he had to walk through the ghetto to get there. On his way some other rather nasty looking people came and beat the living daylights out of him and stole his wallet and his Rolex watch and his new shoes and pants. Poor Mr. bill lay a bloody pulp in the dirt and grease of a gutter.
As he lay there in pain he saw a nice new jet black BMW pass by. The car slowed down briefly and a priest named Phil stuck his head out the window to see Bill. poor Bill wheezed
“please help me” but Phil the priest said
“I would son but see I have to preach at a church and I’m already late.” then Phil the priest rolled up his window and quickly sped off.
A few minuets later 2 nicely dressed clean cut well shaven young men strolled by on their bicycles. ones name was Elder Will the other was Elder Gill. bill cried out
“help me! will some one help me?” but Will and Gill went to the other side of the street to avoid him and sped off into the night towards their meeting.
Finally the man was about to give up and die when a tall shadow eclipsed the lonely flickering streetlight that stood above him. it was quiet for a moment. A breeze picked up a lonely sports section of a news paper and blew it down the street into a puddle… Poor Bill looked up to see a large muscular black man with tattoos all over his arms, a bandanna wrapped around his head and Piercing on his ears, eyebrow, nose, and lip. the man towered over him in his black leather biker pants and dark T-shirt. Bill, lying in the gutter, became very afraid and tried to crawl away but the big black man chuckled as he picked Bill up and sat him on his Harley Davidson, which was parked right next to where bill lay.
The black biker dude pulled out his first aid kit and bandaged up his wounds. Then he drove him to a hospital. Not one of those cheap “doc in a box nickel and dime cracker jack” dealies where they make you wait like 2 hours to x ray your broken ankle, put you in a flimsy splint and then tell you to come back on Monday cause they are closing. No he took bill to a nice tall hospital with a good healthy heritage and strong well skilled caring physicians who had as much heart as they did medical ingenuity. Once there Bill was put in a room and a lovely young nurse named Katie tended his wounds. The biker guy paid Bills doctor bill and gave Joseph, the doctor, some extra cash to give to Bill in case he lost his wallet. He also gave the doc two little booklets to give to Bill (tracks). As the biker guy was leaving, Bill saw the back of his black T-shirt. It said “Jesus Saves.”
Bill was finally able to call his wife Jill and tell her all that had happened. She asked Bill (among many other questions) what the big black bikers guy with all the piercings and tattoos and a Harley Davidson and a neat shirt that said “Jesus Saves” on the back’s name was. Bill didn’t know. So he asked Katie the nurse who was taking his blood pressure
“The man that brought me in here, what was his name?” she replied sweetly with a finger to her chin like a bimbo
“he didn’t say. All he said was that you were his neighbor.” she reached down to grab something and said “Now here, fill this” and she handed Bill a very large bucket.

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  1. this short story was writen between 1998 and 2000. but most likely in early 1999. it is an obviously adapted versio of jesus parable on the good samaritian. i wrote it for use in a study i was doing on what it ment to love thy neighbor. the original parrable can be found in luke 10:25-37.

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