In Defense of Everything Else

The only possible excuse for this blog is the patient and persistent prodding of men like Gera Yeremin who believe such a platform to be a good, if not the best, footing for an aspiring writer in the modern age. I don’t know that bloging suits me very well though. I am often very wordy and my musings come in pages rather than paragraphs. They say that brevity is art. If this is true, I am still finger painting. I am aware that the average attention span of blog readers gets overwhelmed at anything more than two paragraphs with no pictures. That is not to say that they are simpleminded or lazy. It is the nature of the medium. The internet is fraught with distractions that do not train us well in focus. This may be why my last experiment, “The Last Dance of the Jackalope,” failed so completely. On the other hand it may be that the title itself was so long that the thousands of eager readers, itching to fill themselves on my ‘sanctified opinions,’ simply couldn’t find the address. Some how I doubt this. I rather imagine that the few who, in reading an article of mine, stuck it out to the very dire end, found the opinion’s quite to some one else’s taste and so never returned. Either way I have agreed that a change would be good.

I have stolen the title and first line of this blog from the introductory comments of GK Chesterton on his book “Orthodoxy;” a book I have read some of, several times over the years and which I will some day read all of. The reason for this theft is to convey much the same sentiment as he intended too; that being the reason he was making such a noise of himself. I suppose at the end of the day I am just another man with a very big nose (this is a euphemistic allusion to my being opinionated for those of you who are literalist). This is really all I have going for me in the art of blogging. So unfortunately for you, the reader, there is that cold wet tide to endure. But I hope that this blog will contain something more; something good and true.

It is my hope, much as it was Chesterton’s, to convey those blessed elements of the philosophy that made him, even as it is making me. This would be the theology, doctrine and philosophy of Christ and his Apostles. I intend to express these truths through every medium that I am able too (which may mean pictures!). I love story and I enjoy reading poetry, though I don’t claim to write it well. Even so my endeavor here is also to develop my abilities, ideas and understanding as much as it is to communicate them. I have no ‘inklings’ to critique and help chisel and form my work. Which brings me to another important point.

This site is on the internet, not so that I may speak to the entire world, but so that I may speak to those in my community whom I do not have the luxury or pleasure of communing with in person. Certainly, if the world ran out of you tube and face book nonsense to gorge it self on, it would be welcome to look in on us; not that they would find anything much more interesting here. But I am hoping that some of you, those who know me, will consider what I have to say and contribute, either as commentators or even as guest writers. Yes, it may require a sacrifice of time and energy, something I know not many of us have in great quantity. But it may be that what you have to say proves to be the seed of a greater tree, whose shade and fruit our children may enjoy. I am not so liberal that I will bar disagreeable comments (though I would ask you to be respectful and use appropriate language) nor am I so conservative as to let my pen run wild with teeth bared. Most of my writings go through a defanging before they are published. If you take the time to read through my article on terms and rules you will gain my perspective on debating, which I welcome. Please feel free, whether you know me or not, to comment, but those of you who do know me please do me the honor of constructively critiquing my work. They all need a good working over and I believe that if I have done anything well, it is choosing my friends, whether peer or elder.

As for the new title. My last blog title, “Last Dance Of The Jakalope!” was, I thought, rather clever and interesting. It had a nice ring. But when all was said and done, it really had no meaning. I tried for some time to write a poem about the last of the dancing jackalope’s which were to be a symbol of something that our modernistic world has lost. But it never came. So I have shortened my theme and anchored it with something more substantial. The title: “Deepening Waters,” has Isaiah 11:9 in view. The verse itself is part of a prophecy wherein we are told that the Messiah will redeem, not just mankind, but the whole of the cosmos. It explains that the source of peace in the universe, among peoples, nations, animals and nature, will be the knowledge of God. “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” This is the sea upon which I sail my blog; my “Seabound Scriptorium.” It is deepening in that everyday I am seeking to go further; every year that I grow (as Aslan once told Lucy) it (or He) grows larger still. The “Deepening” is not meant to be a comparison to other “less deep” blogs, it is merely an expression of progress into that ever expanding, oh, may it be infinite, experience and knowledge of my beloved Lord.

But what is a seabound scriptorium? Well seabound means, not bound for the sea, as if that is where I am headed, but bound by the sea; bound on all sides with no land insight. The knowledge of God, theology, has no end. It is an infinite sea which I desire to call my home. I can never know all of it but, if, by Gods grace, my eyes can learn to pierce it’s mysterious depths, perhaps I can see all the earth as he means me too. Perhaps I can learn to be content with sailing on that infinite ocean, rather than trying to cross it.

A scriptorium is a room reserved in an abbey or a library for writing, copying, illuminating, reading and storing manuscripts of various types. This, in my mind, is much like a blog, though blogs tend to have more to do with opinions. Even so for my intentions this seems like a fitting name for our vessel. It is a place to expound and develop thought through studying, writing, conversing, debating and creating. So there you have it. A seabound scriptorium over deepening waters.

So begins a new and hopefully improved blog. Welcome aboard. I hope that you will be challenged and will be willing to challenge here. I pray that you will both be nourished and be fruitful here as we explore together so “that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (Romans 1:12). Grace and Peace of Christ to you.

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